Facility Managment

We operate your assets in a way, which we reduce operational expenses, expand its operation life. We maintenance them in low cost.

Deliver a complete property file

Buildings usually are without a completely technical file. As the year passes and small of bigger adjustments are taking places on buildings is necessary to update the building specifications.

Development of a complete operation manual

Buildings are a living organization they are developing following user's needs. They must be pioneer in order to gather users, their operation life, is based on yearly development, following social needs.

Schedule and operate a maintenance plan

Maintenance plan is a critical aspect since it is keeping operation cost in control. Following a plan and an operational schedule reduce expenses and expands profit life.

Develop a damage recorder program

We record every damage and we can find, after analyze them, what went wrong. Reporting is guide to find the heart of a problem and solve it once for all. Strategy of reporting is a useful tool.

Vendor selection process and agreements

Following a Facility management approach can help us pick the correct products, the proper services the best offers. Only by special procedures you can be sure that your choice is correct .

Prepare and delivery upgrade proposals during, cost beneficiaries

Buildings could become sources of revenue through funding for energy upgrades, installation of photovoltaic and renewable energy sources. can become advertising spots.